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Free QR online ordering
for restaurants

Customize processing fee
Help you save up to $5000/month

No monthly fee

No commission


At this particular time, we know what issues bothering you

Hover the image, see solutions from HaoChee


Each table waits ~20 min on order placement and payment

Increase table turnover by letting your customers to take control of order and pay

View table layout in HaoChee, easy to find guests

See how we do


table partition makes customers hard to call a waiter

You will know,

when they need you


Loud music, street noise, difficult to communicate with guests.

When guests need server, they’ll call you, with our feature

See how we do


checks for a group of customers is a  headache!

Our online payment helps your customerssplit checks


HaoChee Appclip help spliting the orders for you

See how we do

High cost to update paper menu;

Hard to promote your daily specialty

Promote your daily special by giving discounts and placing them on the Recommended page


Update menu anytime,
with any discount

See how we do

HaoChee gives you smooth operation process

The combination of AppClips and E-menu. Personalized settings, smooth operation experience, efficient ordering service, are designed to save you time and worry. 

And of course, significantly improve the profit of your restaurant.

Group 15.png

Appclips for customers to order and pay

Group 16.png

Review order on tablet dashboard

Group 17.png

Kitchen printer receive instant printout

Group 18.png

Daily revenue settlement, direct transfer to your bank

Why you and your customer will love Haochee

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Start the experience

Order to table

Each order corresponds to the table number, serve food directly to the table.  Free to print the QR code.


While dining, whenever needed

Call server

Customers can call waiter when they need help through our application and your waiter will get notified.

Wait, before check out

Promote more food

You can select (up to three) dishes for users to browse again before check out and increase revenue.


Finish the meal, easily

Split checks

We support friends/family share menu, ordering together, and SPLIT Checks.

One transaction fee for any number of splits. Save transaction cost and waiter time to split checks.

No need to worry surplus food

Promote today's special

We help you promote and update today's special food. Make sure your surplus ingredient doesn't go to waste.


HaoChee modern online dashboard

Reliable system for order and management, zero cost
Customize menu 

Fully customizable menu. Make your food, drink, all digital. Check food in/out of stock in clicks. Updates are also very fast.

View your revenue anytime

Intuitive income statement. Check balance, deposit anytime, anywhere. Set TIPS for transparent management. Of course, you can set viewing permissions.

Set wifi, staff, all in one

Setting up WiFi and Call Server is easy. Easy view and change. The situation of employees can be adjusted here.

View dashboard and experience more features now

For your business,
HaoChee considered more

Pick-up orders

In the special time, we provide you with a more efficient online order and pick-up service.

Scheduled orders

The system will help you adjust the time of the kitchen and the server.

Support customers order while waiting

Customers lining up for a table during rush hours? Ordering in advance saves time.

Support making appointment

Customers can make reservations in advance and the restaurant is notified ASAP.

Get started now in 2 mins!

Sign up today and be completely contactless in just 2 days
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